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Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreat – what is this?

We would describe retreat as a certain process of working on yourself when you immerse yourself in a certain “topic” for a period of time.


Yoga retreat – is an immersion in yoga, regular classes + set of certain spiritual practices makes your results stronger & effectively than usual. In everyday life, we are always in a hurry somewhere, we need to do a lot of things about making money and many other material issues (food, call parents, to pick up the child from the kindergarten on time, feed the cat, etc., etc. .).

Life turns into a “page turning”, on weekdays, replacing each other, like a picture on a TV.

Often in such a rapid “run” through life, we prefer to sleep longer instead of meditation. Even to meditate for 5 minutes, we have a lot of reasons to postpone it another time and finally we stop to practice meditation regularly or at all.

It is the same with yoga – especially when you realize that you need to devote at least half an hour to yoga (although in fact this is not enough!). After some time, dissatisfaction with yourself builds up, you feel like a driven horse – level of vital energy is falling, the mood is not that, the level of internal satisfaction with one’s life is extremely low.

Usually we try not to bring ourselves to this state and plan a vacation. If funds allow, we try to leave our familiar surroundings in order to break out of the cycle of household chores and familiar daily roles.

All we are different. When planning a vacation, we rely on the means at our disposal, time and purpose – what exactly do we want to get from our vacation. Someone wants to drink wine and swim in the pool, for someone trekking in the mountains with a minimum of people will be an ideal vacation, someone just wants new experiences – it does not matter where and how he gets them, but for someone, vacation without sea and sun – not a vacation. And of course there are those who understand that vacation is just for the physical body – this is not enough to “reboot and charge your battery” for new achievements! Such people are looking for something more complete, combining rest for the body, and rest for the mind, and rest for the mind, and rest for the soul …


For those who want to relax and immerse themselves in the spiritual stream of development, retreats are suitable. You can choose a retreat according to your interests: yoga retreat, vipasana, meditation retreat, retreat to sacred places, training retreat, retreat with immersion in various spiritual practices.

We tried different options and chose two main areas for our trips: yoga retreat and spiritual tour.

In fact, both yoga retreat and spiritual tour are about the same thing – these are spiritual practices in various picturesque places of our planet. However, there are several fundamental differences!


You can learn more about our spiritual tours here. In this article we will tell you in detail about our yoga retreats.

Yoga retreat involves regular intensive practice of yoga, meditation & pranayama. In yoga retreats, we immerse ourselves in a calm environment and without life fuss, meditate in a group, meditate with mantras, talk on spiritual topics – about the philosophy of yoga, the connection of yoga with modern everyday life, how and what to practice in order to better feel and understand ourselves how yoga classes change our lives in essence. We include in our yoga retreats trips to holy springs & spiritual places where we clean ourselves mentally, physically, and fill ourselves with new energy and strength.

Daily schedule at our retreat:

Morning – 07.30 – 12.00

We practice yoga or pranayama for 1.5-2 hours. Then we have breakfast, swim in the pool or at sea. After that, we either go to a holy place nearby and spend time there until evening or all participants have free time.

Day time 12.00 – 18.00

Lunch at a hotel or in cafe nearby. Lunchtime sleep  or massage in the SPA. Also you are free to go for shopping or for a walk in the sights.

Evening 18.00 – 22.00

Evening yoga practice and dinner, or after dinner, spiritual conversations over a cup of tea. We hold traditional Chinese tea ceremonies in order to develop our mind concentration. Over a cup of Chinese tea, we talk on various spiritual topics – it depends on the declared theme of yoga retreat. At evening meetings, we share our thoughts, ideas, impressions and discuss different points of view of the topic under discussion. After we meditate together.

Йога Хаб Клуб|Yoga RetreatsSome yoga retreats we conduct exclusively for adults (18+), in other yoga retreats we also hold yoga classes for children.

Someone will say that retreating with your family is not serious – how you can plunge into yourself, retire with your thoughts while being with your child, however, in our experience, “it works” when you are with your family.

Firstly, if you love yoga and choose it as your development path, you probably would like to introduce your family and children to this path. We know that if you set an example (not to say that you do yoga “somewhere”, but to show and demonstrate it in practice and in front of your eyes), this has a tremendous effect on their worldview, as well as on improving your understanding. Йога Хаб Клуб|Yoga Retreats

Secondly, we conduct separate classes for both children and children with their parents, and try to instill in them interest, respect and love for this lifestyle. Indeed, if you do yoga with your children, this strengthens the emotional bond between the child and the parent and improves their relationship!

And thirdly, during important practices of concentration and meditation, we try to captivate children with something interesting for them, so that they do not distract their parents, and parents can concentrate and be alone with themselves for a while.

Йога Хаб Клуб|Yoga Retreats


We do yoga with our daughter – she really enjoys doing asanas with her mom or dad. Thus we form a certain habit in it. And we hope that when she grows up, this habit will be with her in life. It must be remembered that children are born in the mode of ignorance and they follow only their desires, their Ego. For this reason, initially it is almost impossible to appeal to their awareness – this awareness must be cultivated. Yoga is one of the most effective ways, and we use it.

During the yoga retreats that we hold, our participants always have free time for themselves, when they can independently plan their time and do what they like. Usually it is either a beach, or shops, or excursions to local attractions. We always help in organizing your trips so that they are as comfortable and adequate in value as possible.



After our yoga retreats, you become more calm, emotionally stable, your physical well-being improves, you feel a surge of strength and energy, and most importantly – you feel full and happy!

Join us and enjoy a balanced combination of yoga and travel around and inside you!

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In the year 2020, we have planned several yoga retreats:

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