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Spiritual Retreats & Tours

We like to travel and think that most people also do! Travelling makes you recharge yourself, switch to the different vibes and get new fresh view to the life! It is also known that travelling is one of the most effective ways to heal the depression… (although we know one more very effective approach…)

We’ve been travelling a lot and in every trip we’ve been searching for something special, spiritually rich and unique which helped us to enrich our travelling with sense and make it more meaningful.

We can also share that many things in any trip depend on our mood – that also teach us to be open to anything and take it in positive way as it helps us to learn and develop… And all the things which happen to us during the trips always bring bright memories!!!

While travelling and studying different cultures and spiritual sources of information we felt our deep connection with vedic knowledge. It inspires us, inputs much sense to what we are doing and helped us to find a meaningful way of human life purpose.


During our life searches we faced yoga many times but it never touched us very deeply. Inevitably in due time we faced with yoga sacred knowledge through the teachers whom we met (and meeting!) along our way. So, we made a decision to become the professional yoga teachers and combine yoga lifestyle with our life passion – travelling.

This is our way which brought us to where we currently are! We are aiming to spread the knowledge about yoga lifestyle which is far beyond physical exercises. It is ethic living in accordance with inside and outside life principles, right breathing, concentration and meditation. When you combine all those things, you feel the harmony of life in the Universe!

Based on our experience and findings, we’ve developed several trips throughout Asia and filled them with our love to yoga lifestyle! Some of them are yoga retreats – to make you deepen into yourself. Some are spiritual tours – different spiritual practice and travelling in many interesting and beautiful places with an interesting company… Some are family friendly – we support the approach that it’s better to involve kids into yoga lifestyle from the early ages as it gives them deeper understanding of their family life principles and more tight emotional connection with their parents.


Some trips and retreats are for adults only

– to concentrate more on the inner feelings, to have more time to listen to your soul and reconnect to yourself through intensive spiritual practice and discussions about sacred knowledge…

We invite you to join us in any of the spiritual trips we are hosting! We’ll be glad to share our knowledge and learn from you!

Currently we are in Indonesia and host more yoga retreats in this country.


Here’s the list of the retreats and tours for 2020 year:

January 26 – February 4, 2020Bali retreat, family friendly – finished

April 26 – May 09, 2020 – Bali retreat, Ubud + Candidasa, family friendly

June 28th – July 7th, 2020 – Bali retreat, Ubud + Bukit, family friendly

July 19th – August 1st – Bali, Canngu + Bukit retreat, family friendly

August 9th – 22nd – Bali, Canngu + Amed retreat, family friendly

September 25th – October 4th – Bali retreat, family friendly

October 18th – 31st – Spiritual tour to Himalaya, India, adults only

November 15th – 28th – Spiritual tour to Nepal, adults only

December 18th – 27th – Sri Lanka yoga retreat, family friendly

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Online Classes
Online Classes

Keep your body in good shape, tuned and full of energy! Feel the group energy and support in your practice improvement. Yoga, meditation and Qi Gong classes for beginners and intermediate level. Practice at home online with the group or at convenient time for you.

Yoga retreats and tours in ASIA
Yoga retreats and tours in ASIA

If you like not just traveling but traveling with sense then you will like our tours and programs! With us you will have a spiritual restart and will begin to see the world in another vibes and tunes. We have yoga tours and retreats as well as spiritual traveling with different kinds of spiritual practices.

Online Yoga for Kids
Online Yoga for Kids

We promote the approach of involving to yoga practice and healthy lifestyle from the very childhood! If you want your kid to be healthier, happier, more concentrated and focused, we are more than happy to see you on your classes. You can take these classes together with your kid - this will strengthen your emotional connection and improve the relations.

Jyotish horoscope online
Jyotish horoscope online

Different life situations force us to make choices and difficult decisions. Sometimes the consequences make us happy, but more often they surprise us and we ask ourselves 'why did this happened to me? What can I do to change this situation? When is the best time to start an important business?' All answers can be found in your personal horoscope and you would need an experienced astrologer for this.

Free Yoga Video
Free Yoga Video

You can find a lot of video materials of our club for free. These are the learning materials, yoga classes for different levels and in different yoga styles. There are also many teaching materials about meditation and pranayama. You will find here everything related to yoga practice at home and online.

Yoga video courses for kids
Yoga video courses for kids

If you want your child to develop harmoniously - mentally, physically, mentally and spiritually - choose yoga classes for him / her. Yoga is something in which we can develop and improve endlessly. By instilling this understanding in a child from the childhood, you set an important foundation for his / her further development.

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