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Spiritual Tours

spiritual tours Thailand

Spiritual tour is always a special journey that combines the spirit of adventure and the special atmosphere of holy places. Each tour has its purpose and an action plan. We work out our routes and stopping places in detail so that the group members are comfortable in different situations. This means that we have already visited and understand how to organize everything to plan a comfortable trip in the places where we take our groups.

Our tours are filled with discussions about the different cultural features of the places we visit. Each day is filled with at least one spiritual practice (meditation, pranayama, qigong or a conversation about one of the sacred books). We do not advocate any religion or methods of spiritual development and consider every human as a free person who is able to independently determine his own method of knowing the Supreme through communication in society and internal sensations. Throughout each tour we create a friendly atmosphere and openly share with our participants our knowledge in the field of spiritual development.

Over the past 20 years we have traveled to more than 30 countries and we know for sure that Asian countries are the most interesting for spiritual tours. A huge layer of cultural heritage and the true spirituality of the local population are changing the worldview of the world from the materialistic Western to the true human and spiritual.


What’s the difference between spiritual tours and retreats

Any retreat has a certain theme and aim which are spiritual ones and in most cases have a personal meaning. Immersion to the targeted theme through various spiritual practices and techniques takes place throughout the entire retreat. There are also some trips to local attractions and places of power, however there are relatively few of them in comparison with the number of different spiritual practices that retreat participants practice. You can learn more about retreats on this page.

Like retreats spiritual tours have also a definite purpose but it is more focused on studying the local culture and cultural characteristics of the visited places than on personal changes. Within any tour you need to be prepared for a large number of trips on all kinds of transport as well as for long walks. We balance our spiritual tours in such way that the participants always have the opportunity to relax and gain strength between traveling from place to place. So we do not set any age restrictions for participating in our tours. We also have spiritual practices during this kind of journeys but not as intensively as in retreats.


Why do people come to our spiritual tours again

# our routes are interesting

# you get quality services for the fare price

# we share secrets from personal practices

# reasonable combination of spiritual and material  


In 2020-2021 we will be hosting several tours in:

China, Nepal, Himalaya (India)



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