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Online Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes Online

We provide 2 types of yoga classes – Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga.

Our classes fit intermediate and beginners levels of yoga practitioners.

Meet our yoga teachers:


Qi Gong and Hatha yoga teacher – Olya (certified by International Yoga Association)

From the very childhood she had been engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and had achieved high results there. At a more conscious age she started to practice various healing techniques and at the moment she is conducting very deep and interesting classes in the style of Hatha Yoga, adding a lot of vinyasas and elements from flow yoga.

During her classes you seem to soar above the cloud, in the air and penetrate into the very depths of your consciousness through different poses of your body. Olya uses personal sequences with focus on the in-depth perception of the body and the inside feelings & emotions during practice.

Try once and you will remember this style for a long time!



Qi Gong and Ashtanga yoga teacher – Roman (certified by International Yoga Association)

From the school years Roman was engaged into martial arts and took first places in many championships. At a more mature age he began to practice yoga and healthy lifestyle. At the moment Roman conducts classes in the style of the Ashtanga Yoga school from the followers of Iyengar school.

During the classes he pays a lot of attention to the breathing and concentration on important points in asanas. His style of yoga practice is quite intense and makes you feel your body from the heels to the crown of your head.
If you intend to work out your body and reload its main functions then do not miss this chance.

Please, find the detailed schedule in the following booking form:

Online classes - book your spot


Online classes essential rules:
  • Ensure you have enough space in your place for yoga practice – it’s better you have half a meter-1 meter distance around all sides of your mat
  • Try to agree with your ‘neighbours’ that there is no any noise during your practice time
  • Place your camera (PC, laptop, phone) on a distance of 2-4 meters from your mat
  • If you don’t wish yoga teacher to see you during the practice, you can inform yoga teacher about that and switch off your camera
  • If you have any questions, please, ask them before, during or after the online class – yoga teacher will answer all the questions either before or after the practice

If you’d like to join any of our practices but the proposed schedule doesn’t fit your plans, you can propose convenient for you day and time for the online practice simply text us on Facebook:

Facebook group Yoga Hub

Always keep in your mind that regular spiritual practices can make you healthier and happier!

For any questions: yoga-hub@outlook.com or live your message by using our contact page.

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