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Spiritual practice online

We believe that we all are connected with each other. When we interact with each other we exchange the energy. The same is happening during any spiritual practice – each of us gets a piece of strength, thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. of other participants of the group. This energy can be very helpful, especially when it’s not easy to keep the balancing asana in yoga or keeping a tree pose in qi gong or sitting long time while meditating. That’s why it’s very important to be concentrated on your inside emotions, body feelings and mind slowing down and all the changes which are happening to you during the practice. It’s easier to do it while practicing in a group class.

We get better results and faster progress in our practice by practicing in the group! When we are practicing all at one time we get more support & influence from the group energy.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s difficult to practice at one time and in one place as we all are living in a social world which influences our time planning in the unpredictable way. From the other hand, thanks to the technology progress we are able to practice together while being located in different continents!!! We think that is an amazing opportunity!

Йога Хаб Клуб|Online Classes

We suggest you to practice together – in one group at one time! You can join the practice online. If the time of the practice is not convenient for you, you can join us virtually later and follow the recording of the class. It will be almost the same as during the real-time class as we are trying to follow the yoga lifestyle and our energy will always support you in the positive way!

The class record is available during 3-4 days, until the next class takes place. So, you can join the class at any convenient time for you! Also, you are able to practice as many times as you wish, till the class record link is active.

All people who join our online classes receive the access to the class record to practice additionally later if they wish.

Йога Хаб Клуб|Online Classes

We provide online classes for either in English or in Russian (depends on the participants in the particular class).

If you prefer to practice together but not via recordings, you can fill in the following form – choose the practice and suggest the convenient day and time for you. We’ll try our best to arrange it for you!

Online classes - book your spot

Depending on the classes, its lengths varies from 30 to 90 minutes.

The fee per 1 class is 7 USD. If you buy several attendance tickets at once, there’s a great deal for you – 20% discount!

The first class is always a trial and for freejust mention that it’s your first class in the Comments field in the booking form.

Please, join us online or follow our class recordings and let’s practice together!


To join the class or to access the class recording, please:

  • Make your booking online and inform us about the quantity of the classes you want to buy

Online classes - book your spot

  • Make the payment by the convenient way for you: WeChat, AliPay, VisaCard/Mastercard, PayPal.
  • Send a message to yoga-hub@outlook.com about your payment (then we will know about your payment faster)
  • We send you the link with the access to the online class and its recording
  • We practice – practice – practice together!!!

Should you have any questions, please, contact us by any convenient for you means of communication! We’ll be happy to provide any additional information!

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See you on the mat!