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Online Qi Gong classes

Qi Gong online classes

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese technology for controlling your body through
master_mingtangwork with energy.

The basic technique of exercises lies in the ability to concentrate attention and synchronize movements with breathing in static and dynamic exercises.

In our club, we got acquainted with this practice from Master Xu Mingtang in 2012 and since then have deeply integrated it into our daily lives. Having gathered enough experience in group and single lessons, we decided to conduct classes online as well. It is simple, convenient and efficient.


What kind of tradition we practice

zhong_yuan_qigong_logo-1Traditionally, from the middle of our century, all traditions began to be divided into Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist, medical, martial arts.

After some searches and trials, we chose Zhong Yuan Qi Gong. This is a tradition rooted deep in the dynasty of Chinese martial masters who guarded the Shaolin Monastery. Mintan’s father was a surgeon, and his grandfather was a master of martial arts. From a young age, he absorbed the science of body structure and practiced various techniques of martial arts.

He is a direct continuation of the tradition of the school Zhong Yuan Qigong, a living carrier of tradition. He inherited the knowledge of the school and revived the “Image Medicine” of the Bien Chue School.ben_chue

Bien Chue is a founder of independent system for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. He founded 4 diagnostic methods:

1). examination, 2) listening and researching odors, 3) questioning, 4) palpation

prepared a theoretical and practical basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhong Yuan – is Middle China Plain, the name of the area where more than 4 thousand years ago this kind of Qi Gong arose. When exactly the tradition was established nobody knows, but it was mentioned in ancient scripts dated 4000 years ago.


What is the uniqueness of Qi Gong practice?

short classes
pretty quick tangible effect
ease of exercise

In the video below you can meet the teacher Roman Teos:


More details about Qi Gong online classes schedule you can see in the booking form:

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Second class is for free!

The fee per one class is 7 USD. If you buy at once a set of classes (more than 3 classes), you get a great deal – 20% discount!

Train your body and Spirit, do not wait until it starts to malfunction and hurt. Give yourself 30 minutes of time at least a couple of times a week and this will definitely make you feel better.

See you online,

Roman Teos