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Bali yoga retreat, Candidasa-Ubud

Astro-Yoga Retreat in Bali

We invite you to the retreat of self-knowledge and
revealing your life mission

Йога Хаб Клуб|Bali yoga retreat, Candidasa-Ubud

Knowing your main life goal (Dharma) – why you have come to this world – you can consciously work out your karma in the present through regular yoga practice. This will change your future for better.

Due to spiritual practice you will better feel and understand know your body, learn to understand your inner “I” and completely reboot your mind and consciousness. The “Island of Gods and Spirits” is completely saturated with the spirit of unconditional connection of each creature with the Universe – you will easily plunge into this harmonious unity and find the way to your destination.

We start on: August 1st – 9th, 2020

First part of the retreat we will be hosting in Ubud

Йога Хаб Клуб|Bali yoga retreat, Candidasa-Ubud

We will plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of the central part of the island. Ubud is considered the cultural center of Bali – the largest number of temples is concentrated here, there are rice terraces and holy springs, many waterfalls, authentic shops and cafes.

The second part of the retreat we’ll be hosting in Candidasa

candidasa, beach

Candidasa is located on the eastern part of the islandon the seashore and in close proximity to the highest and most revered volcano Agung in Bali, as well as near one of the most beautiful beaches of Virgin Beachwith white sand and clear turquoise water.


What we will practice during the retreat:

We will be engaged in various spiritual practices aimed at healing the body, accumulating and increasing vital energy:


All this in combination with the gentle sun, warm ocean and evening tea ceremonies in the company of like-minded people, will create ideal conditions for a mental reload and a fresh sip of new energy.


For more conscious practice we will delve into the concept of karma and one’s purpose:

  • We’ll have open discussions about yoga philosophy – talk about the concepts of “karma”, “reincarnation”, “karmic connections from past lives” – what it is, how it works, its affect in this life etc.personal_birth_chart_actor
  • We will have open discussions over a cup of delicious Chinese tea
  • Every participant will receive an individual jyotish-horoscope – reading an individual horoscope to identify factors that impede success in life, deriving one’s “formula for happiness”
  • One day we’ll completely devote to purification – 12 hours of silence and restriction in food. Such experience will allow you to more deeply immerse yourself in work on yourself


Power and sightseeing places where we will go:

As part of the retreat we will have two group trips around the island for the whole day.

We will visit a beautiful cozy local temple and go down to the holiest spring on the island, where we will undergo a purification ceremony by the local brahman and meditate. We will walk along the rice terraces – take many unforgettable photos and videos with amazing local landscapes, ride on a swing over the rice terraces. We’ll visit coffee plantations and taste more than 10 different types of coffee and tea, try what “Luwak coffee” is. Our amazing day will end at one of the most beautiful cascading waterfalls on the island where we will definitely take many memorable and unique photos.

We will prepare special offerings for our next trip. Take them to the temple – father of all the temples on the island, to the Pasar Agung on the volcano. We will make the offering to God, go through the ceremony of purification and meditate in this quiet place full of calm and tranquility. Then we will go to the one of the most famous temples where we will undergo a special ritual of cleansing the body in a holy spring. There will be a big queue, a lot of people, but the result is worth it!

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sebatu temple, long view, bali


Retreat atmosphere:

At our retreats we maintain a friendly atmosphere where you can share your thoughts, feelings, experiences and in return expect and receive support and understanding from like-minded people.

We take care of time as well as emotional, mental and physical stress during a retreat – so your schedule will be balanced and you will have time for spiritual practices and for traveling, and for solitude with yourself and your thoughts.

Comfortable hotels in quiet places with green areas and cool pools will contribute to privacy, relaxation and emotional reboot.


Daily routine in retreat:


MORNING  Every day will begin with one of the following practices – hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, pranayama, qigong

AFTERNOON  After morning practices – free time, excursions around the island (temples, waterfalls, rice terraces) or an individual meeting with the astrologer

EVENING  Conversations about yoga, karma, human being and energy. All these along with a cup of delicious Chinese tea as well as the practice of concentration development and meditation

Retreat investment details:

*The price includes participation in daily spiritual retreat practices, accommodation in two hotels, breakfast, two full-day tours around the island, group transfer between hotels, group transfer from / to the airport

**We organize a free group transfer from / to the airport during the days of arrival and departure. If the proposed time is not convenient for you, we can help in organizing an individual transfer to / from the hotel for reasonable cost

Early bird booking: -7% of the investment fee. Prepayment 30% before July 15th, 2020!

Booking conditions: 30% prepayment of the investment fee. Prepayment is the confirmation of your spot on the retreat reservation. The prepayment fee is not refundable because having booked a place for you we refuse other people who also would like to join. The rest of the retreat investment fee is paid on the first day of the retreat upon arrival.

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What is included:

  • Different spiritual practice (yoga, pranayama, group meditation, qi gong)
  • Individual jyotish horoscope and consultation
  • Open discussions about yoga philosophy
  • 2 trips around the island for the whole day (excluding the entrance tickets***)
  • Living in 2 comfortable hotels in spacious rooms
  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Group transfer from/to the airport
  • Group transfer between the hotels


What is NOT included:

air tickets to/from Bali

lunch & dinner

individual transfers & trips

entrance tickets to the attractions***


any kind of other personal expenses

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Why it is interesting with Yoga-Hub Club:

Two certified yoga teachers – various approaches to practice

Analysis of an individual astrological chart – answers to deep questions

Concentration and conscious workout of karma through austerity on the mat

Cleansing ceremonies in the places of power – in the holy spring, in the temple on the volcano and in the heaven temple

Free time for privacy with your thoughts in a quiet comfortable hotel with clean rooms and a fresh pool

Authentic beauty of Bali nature with an all-pervasive spiritual connection of the local people with God, spirits and nature


One of the cleansing ceremonies on Sebatu


Yoga level of the participants:

intermediate (level ***)

beginners (level * or **)


Who can join this yoga retreat:

adults (18+)

kids (of ny age)


Some photos from the previous retreats:


What you will acquire during this retreat:

Health improvement through daily activities: asanas, pranayama, concentration, meditation

Awareness of your life mission and action plan for its implementation

A lot of life energy to carry out your personal important tasks

Amazing beautiful photos and video from the classes and different trips

A calmer mind that helps you make balanced decisions easier.

Increasing ability of concentration in the present moment – which means a living more complete and conscious life

Individual support of a Vedic astrologer during the entire yoga retreat

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Who will I live in the hotel room with if I travel alone and don’t want to pay for the double room living?

  • you will live in the one room with another retreat participant of your gender. If possible, we will try to accommodate participants of the same age group in the one room

What is the main language in this retreat?

  • this retreat will be hosted in English and Russian

Can I come with my family?

  • yes, sure! If you come with your husband and children then we will help to accommodate them at the hotel for an additional fee. If you want your child to also practice yoga we are happy to arrange this for an additional fee. Just inform us about this in advance.

Can I come earlier or leave later than the retreat dates?

  • yes, you can come earlier or leave later than the set dates for the retreat. To do this, you need to inform the exact dates and we will help you to book a hotel for a longer period.

Can you make a horoscope for my family members?

  • yes, you can order a horoscope for your children for an additional fee and you need to write us about this in advance. We can also prepare a horoscope for your family members but only in case you provide their consent for this, or we can hold an astrologer meeting with your family members via Skype. We respect the personal data of each person and comply with the rules of healthy ethics.

Where can I eat?

  • you can have a tasty meal at the hotels – there’s a lot of different dishes in its menu, or at the nearby cafe and restaurants.

What is the cost of the individual transfer to the hotel?

  • It costs 30-40$ to get from the airport to the hotel. One car can take 3 passengers with the luggage.

What is the weather like in Bali in May?

  • There is no winter in Bali, there are only two seasons – the rainy season and the summer season. The rainy season is from January to February. The average temperature throughout the year is +30. Near the sea it is always a little warmer than in the center of the island. The northern part of the island is slightly cooler and this part is more prone to cyclones from Australia. We will be on the eastern part of the island – it will be very warm and sunny! Be sure to take a sunblock lotion, a hat and sunglasses.

To reserve your spot in this retreat, please, send the booking request:

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Should you wish to join us or have any questions, please, contact us by any convenient means! If you want to get a faster feedback, please, contact us via Viber/WhatsApp (+38050 480 35 36) or WeChat (id: Olga Pukhovka) 

If you want to join us on Bali but the dates of this retreat are not convenient for you, please, contact us – we’ll figure something out for you!!!

See you in Paradise!