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Jyotish astrology

Astrological help by Roman Teos

Western type of thinking, experience of living in the Western society, learning from Eastern masters and personal daily spiritual practices – all these help me to understand desires and driving forces of different people. Usually every person who comes to me for consultation is unique, the asked questions are unpredictable and not repeating. So, now I can say that my experience as an astrologer is combined of the wide variety of cases from different spheres of life – home, work, relations, kids, parents, life purpose, marriage, investment etc.


Who I am – practicing experienced astrologer, an adherent of the ancient Vedic tradition & yoga teacher. My astrological forecast for year 2020 you can watch here, as well as numerology predictions for 2020 – in this video.

For the moment I leave in Bali island and give consultations on astrology, as well as classes on Ashtanga yoga – places & time are here.

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Hindu astrology – Jyotish

Jyotish is a Sanskrit word originating from two roots: “Jyoti,” meaning light, and “isha,” “God,” or “deity.” So thus, “jyotish” literally means “God of light”, under which means the sun, moon, stars and planets.

This science studying the heavenly bodies and how they affect a person’s life. The words “atma jyoti parama dhama ” – means that atma (soul), or pure consciousness, is at the same time with light and what everyone should strive to achieve this light of life with the help of jyotish.

Jyotish helps in achieving the four main goals of human life. These four goals – dharma (religious merit), artha (acquisition wealth), kama (earthly pleasures) and moksha (liberation).

“Robert Svoboda


Why is it important to know your lunar horoscope sign and how information from a personal astrological chart can help in the material and spiritual spheres of life?

Jyotish considers man as a creation of the cosmos, which is inextricably linked with all elements of the universe. In this material universe, everything is made up of 5 elements: fire, water, earth, air and ether. All celestial bodies (stars and planets) exchange energy and light through the means of these connections, which emits an eternal and indivisible particle inside each of us – the jiva (soul). This actually means that planets and stars influence people, and people with their actions and thoughts influence in response to the entire cosmic creation as one huge universal organism.

The fundamental and unshakable law of creation of everything in the Universe is the law of karmic connections. It is these connections that form our physical shell or body, into which the soul is instilled at the exact time and in the exact place on planet Earth and therefore there are no two identical human bodies on our earth.
The combination of the body (consisting of 5 primary elements) and the soul (which is part of the Upper Light) has its own specific code that stores everything that happened to the soul in past bodies and what can happen to this soul in this body. The Vedic astrologer deals with the disclosure of this code.

Studying the details of the astrological chart of any person, it’s real to determine:

  • which parts of the body are more susceptible to disease,
  • what kind of food is optimal,
  • what mental attitudes are in the subconscious,
  • what talents are hidden
  • what type of partner is most suitable
  • what kind of activity will bring satisfaction and good income.

Almost any question can be answered with the help of a good astrologer. Knowing the features of your astrological chart, you will begin to act with greater confidence and this will certainly bring good results.


Main points of the astrological consultation with Roman Teos:
Duration 1,5 – 2 hours
Outcome PDF file with key points
Fee* 70$ or 950,000 IDR

*50% prepayment when you send your details to the astrologer. The rest of the fee is paid at the beginning of the consultation meeting.

How does it look like


Mostly I consult via Skype. What’app & We-chat are also possible! 

What is required for the astrological calculation:

  1. Your birth data: time, day, month, year, city & country

2. Photos of you (face and full-length) – it gives more tools to identify the details of your personality deeper

3. Clearly formulated questions – what exactly you want to ask from the astrologer

4. Contact the astrologer via email: romano.teos@gmail.com

Here is the list of the most frequent questions which people ask me to consult them with:
  • What are my karmic tasks in this life…
  • How can I improve my financial situation…
  • Emotional and sexual compatibility between partners…
  • What hidden talents do I have and how to activate them…
  • What are the chances to develop my own business…
  • What are my main roadblocks on the path to personal spiritual development…
  • Horoscope for kids…
  • I want to get an assessment of the professional qualities of my key employees, etc.

Of course each of us has own questions & personal issues. Don’t waste your time on the empirical approach to find the answers to the tormenting questions. Just ask the right question to the right person and the result will be much faster and more conscious.

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