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About us

About our yoga family

We are a family of enthusiasts who know that all the changes start from us! And we are changing ourselves…step by step, steadily but confidently. To know our life principles, beliefs, development directions, please, read the below information, follow us and join us in one of our initiatives!

We started our changes 12 years ago – along our searches of life sense we’ve met very many interesting people, masters, books….as an outcome, we can say that we have many teachers and they are from all over the world! The most recent teachers we’ve found at OUM.RU Club (http://en.oum.ru). Their lifestyle and readiness to spread the healthy life information is very close to our believes and approaches, so, we’ve become a part of what people like them are doing!

We know that there are no coincidences and random things in this life! Everything is defined by our actions in the past….in this life and previous ones. And all people we meet, and all places we go, have some connection with us from the past and to build our future. So, we believe that if you happened to visit our site then there’s definitely some connection between us!

We’ve created this site to support healthy lifestyle! The idea of creating this site had appeared very recently, and we didn’t manage to upload here all the information we’d like to share with you yet… It means that in due time you will find here more and more new useful information! But already now you can join our YouTube Channel where we share all the useful video information

YouTube channel Yoga Hub

By ‘healthy lifestyle’ we mean not only practicing yoga and having healthy vegetarian food, but also following  all 8 yoga principles/stages stated in “Patanzhali sutra”:

 Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi

We try to bring these principles into modern lifestyle and current rhythm of life. Of course, not everything is easy …. but it all is our way and we patiently learn it step by step.

At some moment of our lives we decided to live consciously and reasonably…to have a bigger sense of life than just ‘work and live’, and a greater target which would support us in our everyday actions and routine. So, this site is one of the steps we are making along our way.

On this site you can find information about what we are currently doing:


Lots of useful information every day for those who support healthy lifestyle at our Facebook page:

Facebook group Yoga Hub

We suggest you to look around our site, read or listen to the information we’ve shared here, follow us and contact us if you feel at least some interest to any of the topics we are raising!

Yoga-Hub upcoming events:

We’ll be happy to get in contact with you to continue the connection between our souls!

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